wA U D A X

Enabled for Decentralized Finance


Liquidity Mining

Earn more by providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap

Binance Smart Chain

Integration into the Ethereum/Binance Smart chain ecosystem

Even Quicker!
Faster TX times

Take advantage of the faster transaction times that the Binance Smart Chain provides

Tokenized for DeFi

Participate and earn in the multi-billion dollar DeeFi industry.

Why Choose wAUDAX?

wAudax is a BEP20-standard digital token that is optionally swappable with AUDAX at a fixed 1:1 ratio. It leverages the fast and widely-integrated Binance Smart Chain to provide an opportunity for holders of AUDAX to participate in Decentralized Finance, opening a wide range of options.

Think of wAUDAX as a faster, more versatile form of AUDAX - now fully-enabled for the world of DeFi.



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